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100% Guarantee Authentic Quick Fix Plus 6.2


Here at we take Quick Fix authenticity, certification and batch validation very seriously.

We do every step necessary to provide you with the original Quick Fix Plus 6.2 direct from Spectrum Labs. 

For your protection, we do not offer returns or restocking.  

Due to the high demand for authentic Quick Fix, counterfeit and expired products are out there. The packaging is identical between an expired product and a validated product. You can not tell the difference without opening it.  For that reason, we do not offer returns, and can 100% assure that you are getting the most current certified, validated Quick Fix there is. 

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We do everything in our power making sure that each package is on time for USPS and Fedex. While we do our part there are times that the weather is supreme, and throws us a curve ball. Hurricanes, snow storms and special events happen, and are out of our control. While these issues do not happen often they sometimes throw a monkey wrench into the mix. Thank you in advance for your understanding if something like this occurs.